Ideal for warm days, the full moon horse ride is an experience not to be missed. We prepare to leave during the afternoon, to do the first part of the route with daylight, enjoying the varied landscapes with endless ranges of greens and blues. The experience becomes unique with the return with the bright gleam of the full moon lighting your way.

The ride is through the ‘Cerro Aspero’ and ‘Piedra Parada’, returning by ‘Puente de Laja’. The full moon horse riding, is available only on special occasions as it not only depends on the date, but also that the weather conditions are favorable. It’s definitely the favorite of our guests.

Feeling the immensity of nature in the light of the moon, is a truly unique, unforgettable experience. To be lived as a couple, with a touch of romanticism, or as a family as an adventure, it’s a real privilege to enjoy.

“A place to pamper yourself “

“(…) Horse riding is available for everyone, even for those who (like me) had never ridden before. The landscapes during these rides are beautiful! There is a special full moon horse ride, those who have the opportunity are worth it! For those of us who come from large cities, contact with animals and nature is priceless”.


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