Only 120 kilometers away from Cordoba City, Ongamira is a radiant valley that emerged in the cretaceous period (between 120 and 130 million years ago). With a landscape to admire , these reddish mountains, have forms molded by the force of the winds and the wear of the rain, whose erosion achieved incredible natural sculptures.

The story tells that this scenario sheltered the culture “Ayampitín” for more than 8,000 years. Towards the year 200 d.C new settlers and new customs would form the Comechingón community. It was here that they resisted the arrival of the Spaniards, more precisely on the top of Charalqueta Hill (today called Colchequín) until history gave the final triumph to the conquerors.

The contemplation of the place is a unique experience that leads to reflection, admiration and abstraction.

There are many historic places nearby, so you can visit other tourist attractions such as Ischilín, the Fader Museum, the Uritorco hill and the incredible Jesuit Convent of Santa Catalina.

Alto Ongamira

land of history,

land of encounter,

land of magical sensations…

“Why it’s such a wonderful place?”

“The excellent week we spent, made this place one of the best in the world! This place touched my soul like so few others. The hotel, is a country house of 1870, very well conserved located in the valley of the mountain ranges of Ongamira. The combination of peace, beautiful natural landscape, personalized attention, gourmet food, make this … a magical place. (…) “

María Cecilia