You can either join a guided walk with a staff member, or head out on your own – our dogs will be happy to join you! From an hour’s wander to full day hikes there’s a walk for everyone. The hike to the top of the hills will surprise you with an amazing view of Alto Ongamira, an experience to be remembered! The distance, difficulty and scenery are left to the guest’s choice, having such a wide variety of trails as acres in the lodge.

The ride to the ‘Cerro Colchequín’ is our classic. Walking through Ongamira’s caves, and down to the river, begins the hike to ‘Cerro Colchequín’ where the Comechingones Indians fought their last battle against the Spaniards. There, you can enjoy the panoramic view of the Ongamira Valley, with sightings of plenty and varied birdlife: eagles, condors and falcons are common visitors. Our binoculars and bird books help guests enjoy this unique experience!

“Once is not enough!!!”

“The place invites to long walks with incredible views, different kinds of horseback riding, some longer than others with sightings of condors and a great vary of landscapes. Enjoying a good book under the trees surrounded by the ‘Cerro Colchequín’ is a great option too. (…)”.

Maria Luz G